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We are now putinng great effort into developing, manufacturing and marketing electric double layer capacitors [EDLC] in order to contribute to future motorized society.
In addition, we are developing various cast-in products utilizing the dissimilar material bonding technology, which effectively use know-how of our main product cylinder liner.

Electric Double Layer Capacitor

The EDLC has electric double layer between electrode and electrolyte instead of derivative,So EDLC is free from chemical reaction like battery. EDLC has higher capacitance and longer charge-discharge cycle life.



Square Aluminum Hard Case
  ·High Energy Density
  ·Low Internal Resistance
  ·High Heat Dissipation

Manufacturer : TOC Capacitor Co., LTD.

48V Module

48V Module
48V Module

High Heat Dissipation
Vibration Resistance : 4.5G
Using Voltage : 48V/100V/150V/200V/400V

Manufacturer : TOC Capacitor Co., LTD.


·Stored Energy (Regenerated Energy)
  Automobile (Micro Hybrid / Mild Hybrid)
  Construction Machinery (Excavator / Wheel Loader)
  Industrial Machinery (Machine Tool)

·Saving Energy (Peak Assist / Peak Power Cut)
  Cargo Handling Machinery (Forklift / Harbor Crane)
  Industrial Machinery (AGV / multistory parking garage / Damping Device / Drone)
  Power unit (Instantaneous Voltage Drop Compensator)

·Creating Energy (Natural Energy / Independent Power)
  Solar-power Generation
  Wind-power Generation

As-cast Parts

TPR holds the centrifugal casting technology of the cylinder liner for automobiles, especially the manufacture technology of circumference As-cast(Spiny:mushroom shape projection), and we developed new bonding component parts based on this technology.

As-cast Parts

Use the strong adhesion which is the feature of Spiny bonding component, insert the circumference of small diameter pipe parts with aluminum, we can make parts like bearing, center boss, bush, and so on.

As-cast Parts

By carrying out resin insert molding to an aluminum spiny plate, it makes part lighter weight and strengthen.