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Privacy Policy

Stipulating “How to Handle Personal Information” from the viewpoint of protecting personal information, TPR Co., Ltd. has implemented the following:

  1. Taking the importance of personal information into consideration, we shall carry out appropriate gathering, retention, use, and management of personal information.
  2. We shall take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent loss, leakage, destruction, manipulation of and illegal access to personal information as well as other safeguards. Also, in the event of such cases occurring, we will take swift measures to rectify the situation.
  3. We shall comply with privacy laws and other regulations.
  4. We shall carry out kaizen of our compliance program in order to protect personal information.

TPR Co., Ltd.

We will make employees and individuals involved with operations understand these points and comply with this policy in carrying out their daily duties. Together with this, we will take steps to make this policy available to anyone at any time by posting it on TPR’s website.