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To Our Shareholders and Investors  [ December 2017 / June 2017 ]

We sincerely thank for your continuing support and encouragement. As the second quarter of the 85th fiscal year for TPR has ended, I would like to address the summary of our financial report.

In the first half of the current fiscal year, we were able to continue our robust performance.

In terms of this fiscal year's consolidated cumulative second quarter for the automotive industry, the main industry in which our group is involved, domestic production numbers were robust, and performance remained strong in areas such as China, Europe and America.

Against this backdrop, our group, which is expanding its production activities globally, saw an increase in ordered quantities in both domestic and overseas markets and endeavored toward cost reductions on a global basis, despite being affected by aspects such as steep rises in the cost of raw materials and energy. As a result, our sales revenue increased by 7.5% from the same quarter in the previous year, rising to 91.4 billion yen. In addition, in terms of profits, our operating profit increased by 18.1% to 11.1 billion yen, our ordinary profit increased by 21.8% to 12.7 billion yen, and our net profit attributable to parent company shareholders increased by 25.5% to 6.6 billion yen.

We would like to express our deep gratitude for the support and cooperation of our shareholders and all other involved parties. The interim dividend is 26 yen per share, as we had announced at the beginning of the term.

We will push forward toward the achievement of the Mid-term Management Plan.

FY2017 is the final year of "17 Mid-term Management Plan." Domestically, despite a gentle economic recovery, consumer spending growth has been weak. Overseas, areas such as China and North America have shown a trend toward a gradual deceleration.

Even under this situation, we will remain committed to 17 Mid-term Management Plan's slogan, "Innovate & Expand," based on the recognition that our group's target markets will continue to grow steadily on a global basis. We will also seek to achieve "T&F Goal 2220," a long-term goal of achieving 220 billion yen in consolidated sales and 20 billion yen in net profit in FY2020. To this end, our group will make extensive efforts to boost our sales, improve our technical abilities, and condense our costs even further.

We humbly ask for the continued patronage of all of our shareholders.

November 13, 2017
Kenichi Tomita, Chairman & CEO