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Message from the Top Management

Message from the Top Management

Since our establishment in 1939, having set the corporate philosophy of "We shall try to achieve the unlimited potential of technology by developing and improving superior powertrain machinery, and contribute to realizing a clean environment and a sophisticated global society by offering unmatched technologies and products with superior value", we have been supplying powertrain parts such as piston ring, cylinder liner, sintered products etc. and we have been highly appreciated by our customers throughout the world.

Moreover, in FY2015, we have started a new mid-term management plan under the slogan of "Innovate & Expand". FY2015 sales was 174.6 billion yen, increased by 5.3% compared to the previous fiscal year and recorded a net income of 11.8 billion yen. With regards to sales, ordinary profit and profit before tax, again we were able to record the best performance in our history and made a successful start for the 1st year of the mid-term management plan.

Technological innovation friendly on the global environment and society is steadily progressing in the automobile industry. Moreover, globalization continues to advance even further. In order to support this, with more sense of speed, we are further proactively working on the establishment of one-of-a-kind technology, cost reduction, global expansion and business diversification. Furthermore, we our pouring our efforts into the education of the human resources that will form the foundation to put this into practice.

We are also focusing on the expansion of business (e.g. resins, rubbers and capacitors) in addition to our core powertrain products. The TPR Group will further evolve and strengthen the production and sales system in the six regions across the world (in other words, Japan, China/South Korea, ASEAN, Europe, North America and South America). We will also continue to work on creating attractive products. This will enable us to realize our goal to "make the number one products in the world faster and safer than anyone else in the world.

In addition, we have set and will continue to push forward with "T&F GOAL 2220" (sales of 220 billion yen and net income of 20 billion yen in FY2020) as our long-term goal by joining forces with FALTEC Co., Ltd. who were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2013.

We ask for your continued support in the future.